Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology/Faculty of Letters, New Japan Studies Lecture Series
"Transformative Moments in the History of Japanese Buddhism"

Date and time: July 23, 2018(Mon.)13:00-16:30, 24(Tue.)10:30-16:30, 25(Wed.)13:00-16:30
Venue: "San-Dai" lecture room, The University of Tokyo
Speaker: Jacqueline Stone
(Professor, Princetone University, US)
Language: English

A world-leading scholar of japanese religions, Prof. Jacqueline Stone is invited to give a groundbreaking lecture on the history of Japanese Buddhism. The lecture and the following discussion will be conducted in English

It will provide an in-depth introduction to several formative ideas, practices, in the history of Japanese Buddhism from medieval to modern times. We will also reexamine influential scholarly theories and popular images of Japanese Buddhism and consider how modern concerns have shaped our understanding of Buddhism’s past.

Organizer: Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology/Faculty of Letters
Contact: shukyo(at)