GJS Seminar Series 11th Rethinking Resistance:
Takeuchi Yoshimi's Lu Xun and the Conundrums of Asian Modernity

Date and time: June 4, 2015 (Thur.), 5:00-6:00PM
Venue: Lobby(1F), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
Speaker: Prof. Viran Murthy (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Language: English

Abstract:This presentation will deal primarily with Takeuchi Yoshimi’s reading of Lu Xun. This reading becomes the foundation from which he posits novel visions of literature, politics and resistance. Scholars have for the most part read Takeuchi either as a public intellectual, who must be contextualized in relation to Maruyama Masao and others or in relation to abstract philosophical concerns, such as the problem of feeling and subjectivity. I would like to bring these two methodologies together by grounding the philosophical in relation to global imperatives of capitalist modernity. From this perspective, we will see both the historical and the contemporary relevance of Takeuchi Yoshimi’s attempt to turn Lu Xun into a fulcrum of resistance against modernity and Eurocentrism.

Organizer: The Global Japan Studies Network (GJS)
Co-organizer: Network for Education and Research on Asia (ASNET)
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